the sculpt sampler

the sculpt sampler

not sure which sculpt type to choose? start here by sampling one of each.

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the sculpt sampler
  • simple sculpt #1 | shaina

    props: mat, light weights, small towel
    highlights: slower beats, shorter combinations, hamstrings, glutes, arms + abs
    level up: up the weights, double time movements

  • mat sculpt #13 | jess

    props: mat
    highlights: bear plank variation, inner thighs, obliques, wrists + arms
    level up: add ankle weights
    level down: half time movements, break as needed

  • ness sculpt #15 | colette

    props: mat, wrist weights
    highlights: plie squats, simple combo, obliques
    level up: add free weights
    level down: remove wrist weights

  • classic sculpt #13 | serena

    props: mat, weights
    highlights: reverse format, standing ab series, long squat series
    level up: double time sequence, add heavier weights
    level down: free arms

  • cardio sculpt #6 | aly

    props: mat, free weights
    highlights: plank jacks, jumping jacks with weights, side plank series
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: eliminate weights, slow down tempo