suggested weekly plan | week of 7/4/22

love a check list? suggested weekly plans are a curated track incorporating the weeks newest drops with existing videos for a complete guide on what do and when. for best results, complete each video in order of appearance.

week of 7/4/22
day 1: mat sculpt #23
day 2: bounce advanced #34
day 3: classic sculpt #22
day 4: bounce intermediate #26
day 5: cardio sculpt #20

  • mat sculpt #23 | alyssa

    props: mat
    highlights: low impact, oblique challenges, outer glute spice
    level up: add ankle weights
    level down: take leg series half tempo, lay down on bicep during side leg series

  • bounce advanced #34 | aly

    props: trampoline, free weights
    highlights: arms focus, bounce with weights, short combo, sprint
    level up: hold one weight in each hand level down: remove the weight from all bounce

  • classic sculpt #22 | jess

    props: mat + light weights
    highlights: upper body, macarena arms, core stability
    level up: up the weight
    level down: free arms

  • bounce #26 | lil

    props: trampoline
    highlights: core focused, you will hit every inch of your torso, single leg moves
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: eliminate bounce from single leg moves, continue to squeeze the core to initiate the leg movements

  • cardio sculpt #20 | colette

    props: mat, small towel or light weights
    highlights: zero lunges and squats, options for higher impact movements, upper body and torso
    level up: up the weights, take jump advancements
    level down: free arms, eliminate jumping