suggested weekly plan | week of 11/28/22

love a check list? suggested weekly plans are a curated track incorporating the weeks newest drops with existing videos for a complete guide on what do and when. for best results, complete each video in order of appearance.

week of 11/28/22
day 1: cardio sculpt #33 | aly
day 2: bounce stability #20 | aly
day 3: classic sculpt #6 | jess
day 4: bounce #13 | colette
day 5: ness sculpt #25 | shaina

  • cardio sculpt #33 | aly

    props: mat, light weights
    highlights: cardio focus, curtsy lunge variation, extended time with weights
    level up: hold weights for final cardio push
    level down: free arms the whole way through, take movements at half tempo

  • bounce stability #20 | aly

    props: trampoline, light weights
    highlights: full body, bouncing with weights, squats on trampoline, single leg kick practice
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: eliminate the weights, eliminate the bounce from single leg moves

  • classic sculpt #6 | jess

    props: mat, free weights
    highlights: plank warm up, curtsy to squat transition, heel taps
    level up: add wrist and ankle weights
    level down: remove free weights

  • bounce #13 | colette

    props: trampoline
    highlights: direction changes, arm series, plank
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: keep kicks low

  • ness sculpt #25 | shaina

    props: mat + wrist weights or light weights
    highlights: full body, moves up and down from the floor
    level up: add extra weight
    level down: drop down to free arms, half time movement