new[ness] alert! ready to master a new combination? fresh bounce and sculpt classes dropped here every monday morning.

  • bounce advanced #34 | aly

    props: trampoline, free weights
    highlights: arms focus, bounce with weights, short combo, sprint
    level up: hold one weight in each hand level down: remove the weight from all bounce

  • mat sculpt #23 | alyssa

    props: mat
    highlights: low impact, oblique challenges, outer glute spice
    level up: add ankle weights
    level down: take leg series half tempo, lay down on bicep during side leg series

  • the basics

    18 items

    quick individual tutorials on our basic moves for anyone new to bounce or those wanting a refresher on the form and execution of certain moves.

  • your[ness] reset spring 2022 | a four week program

    32 items

    join us for our annual spring reset as we peel off our winter coats and turn our faces to the sun. this program is four weeks long and runs from 5/2/2022 - 5/30/2022. enjoy 32 new 45 minute classes exclusive to program participants. bounce, sculpt + mixed tracks are available for a variety of lev...

  • mastering the fundamentals

    18 items

    take your cardio to the next level. master the trampoline fundamentals in this three - week program where you will try new moves and increase endurance, all while learning to push on an unstable surface. After this program you'll be ready for anything!

    start your first week off with several sho...