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Watch this video and more on the ness digital

Watch this video and more on the ness digital

cardio sculpt | screaming into your pillow


Up Next in sculpt track week two

  • classic sculpt | songs from your fift...

    props: mat, free weights
    highlights: extending standing leg series, dance inspired leg work, twisted core work
    level up: use heavier weights, add ankle weights
    level down: slow down standing leg series

  • ness stretch | back to school

    props: mat
    highlights: hip opener, spinal rotation, glute release
    level up: no need, you're stretching
    level down: take modification options for deep hip stretches

  • mat sculpt | it's always halloween in...

    props: mat, looped band
    highlights: lower body focus, spicy side butt, oblique emphasis
    level up: add wrist or ankle weights
    level down: complete without using looped band