LIVE replays

  • LIVE 50 min bounce [hiit] | 1.2.21 | Aly

    bounce [hiit] is a fresh take on the ness' signature bounce style, incorporating explosive bounce combinations and high intensity interval training on and off the trampoline. sneakers suggested. *please note this is replay of a live class and experience may differ from an on demand video*

    class ...

  • LIVE 45 min bounce [essentials]/intermediate 1.23.21 | Serena

    class type: bounce [essentials]/intermedaite
    length: 45 min
    trainer: serena
    props: trampoline
    highlights: intricate arms, direction changes, scissors, kicks
    level up: add wrist/free weights
    level down: eliminate the bounce from single leg moves, keep direction changes forward

  • LIVE 50 min classic sculpt 1.23.21 | Aly + Colette

    class type: classic sculpt
    length: 50 min
    trainers: Aly + Colette
    props: mat, light weights
    highlights: long arm combo, side + curtsey lunges, mat work to finish
    level up: add wrist/free weights
    level down: free arms