january challenge | 2021

january challenge | 2021

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january 11th - january 25th

kickstart 2021 with sweat and motivation by signing up for our two week challenge. whether you’re getting back into the ness or heading for new goals, dive into this series featuring bounce, sculpt and stretch sessions while your favorite instructors guide you every step of the way.

the program
- choose from bounce, sculpt or a mix of both
- complete the weekly video sets in order of appearance for optimal results
- join us live for your final class - January 23rd 11:30am est bounce + 12:30p est sculpt

challenge rules
1. complete each class laid out in your chosen track
2. work to gain points and unlock rewards along the way

feed your competitive nature by earning points towards exclusive discounts

COMMENT = one point
confirm your class completion by leaving a comment on each video

SHARE = two points
share your sweaty selfies, at home set up or our shareable assets on instagram & tag @thenessnyc

SPREAD = three points
leave us a google or apple/android app store review

because who doesn't love a deal?
10 points = 25% off your next 3 months of the ness digital
20 points = 25% off your next 6 months of the ness digital
rack up the highest number of points and win a free year of the ness digital

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january challenge | 2021
  • ness sculpt #21 | serena

    Episode 1

    props: mat, light weights
    highlights: squats, single leg balance, arms
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down:

  • mat sculpt #12 | lil

    Episode 2

    props: mat, light weights
    highlights: obliques, clamshells, arms
    level up: add wrist weights

  • stretch #19 | colette

    Episode 3

    props: mat, optional towel
    highlights: hips, quads, spine, shoulders

  • cardio sculpt #14 | jess

    Episode 4

    props: mat
    highlights: planks, level changes, cardio bursts
    level up: add weights
    level down: eliminate cardio bursts

  • LIVE classic sculpt 1.23.21 | aly + colette

    Episode 5

    length: 50 min
    props: mat, light weights
    highlights: long arm combo, side + curtsey lunges, mat work to finish
    level up: add wrist/free weights
    level down: free arms, take leg series half time