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Watch this video and more on the ness digital

essentials duo #3 | aly


Up Next in bounce track week two

  • moves for mental health #8 | aly

    Short circuit your stress response with these quick movement sessions for mental health. Too often we associate movement with fitness and fitness as a sweat intensive time consuming task on our to do list. We forget that movement plays a major role in releasing stuck emotions, stress and mental b...

  • bounce #35 | jess

    props: trampoline
    highlights: long combo, direction changes, kicks, single leg hops
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: eliminate bounce from single leg moves

  • core focus #42 | colette

    props: mat
    highlights: table top glute series, lower body focus
    level up: add ankle weights
    level down: keep slight bend in the knee, modify final teaser