august challenge | 2022

august challenge | 2022

4 Seasons

this program is 10 days long, taking place over the course of two weeks. featuring a mix of movement for mental health, shorter classes, longer duo classes and backyard project scenes, the goal for this program is to keep us accountable and grateful for our health and bodies. it's a low steaks way to add a little structure to your routine and keep you moving as you wrap up the summer. bounce + sculpt tracks available. for optimal results, complete each video in order of appearance.

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august challenge | 2022
  • moves for mental health #7 | colette

    Episode 1

    Short circuit your stress response with these quick movement sessions for mental health. Too often we associate movement with fitness and fitness as a sweat intensive time consuming task on our to do list. We forget that movement plays a major role in releasing stuck emotions, stress and mental b...

  • intermediate duo #1 | colette

    Episode 2

    props: trampoline
    highlights: bounce + sculpt mixed, cross jacks, runs, quick transitions
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: eliminate bounce from single leg moves

  • bounce hiit focus #60 | jess

    Episode 3

    props: trampoline
    highlights: up and down to trampoline, speed challenges
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: remove bounce from single leg movements, slow down hiit work

  • arms focus #52 | alyssa

    Episode 4

    props: light weights
    highlights: long arm combo, bicep and shoulder work
    level up: increase weights
    level down: halftime movements

  • core focus #46 | aly

    Episode 5

    props: mat
    highlights: disco playlist, bicycle crunch variations, obliques
    level up: add ankle weights
    level down: take crunches half time, place hands under low back for leg lifts

  • bounce [advanced] #12 | aly

    Episode 6

    props: trampoline
    highlights: fan kick, direction changes, reverse combo
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: kick side instead of fan kick, keep direction changes to front

  • moves for mental health #5 | colette

    Episode 7

  • advanced duo #2 | aly

    Episode 8

    props: trampoline, 5 - 8lb weight
    highlights: bounce + sculpt, floats + rocks, balance
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: try intermediate bounce to master floats + rocks