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Watch this video and more on the ness digital

Watch this video and more on the ness digital

simple bounce #9 | shaina

30 min • 27m

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  • cardio sculpt #20 | colette

    props: mat, small towel or light weights
    highlights: zero lunges and squats, options for higher impact movements, upper body and torso
    level up: up the weights, take jump advancements
    level down: free arms, eliminate jumping

  • bounce [advanced] #21 | aly

    props: trampoline
    highlights: loud music balance, less form cueing, single count moves, directional changes
    level up: add wrist weights
    level down: eliminate direction changes

  • ness sculpt #30 | jovan

    props: light weights, mat
    highlights: arms + upper body, curtsey lunge, balance, twist
    level up: add wrist weights, stand on mat to challenge balance
    level down: half time movement, free arms